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1/20日WWWβにてSeedlink⁺ x ether のコラボイベントを開催します。シードリンクからはプロデューサー・DJのYoong、ヨーロッパ外で初ライブのレコーディングアーティストskylar、ローカルからはTasho Ishi、 RYOKO2000、坂田律子、エーテルの Lociとsudden star。等身大のレーベルであり、人が集まってできるコレクティブでもあるSeedlink⁺をインタビューしてました。


Interview by Yiqing

Translation by Kai


<About Seedlink⁺>


Seedlink⁺ is a label/collective based in Amsterdam, Netherlands started in 2019. As a label, we don’t restrict our releases to one genre; releasing math-rocky stuff, things that are more hyperpop leaning and more held-back ambient. The productional side of Seedlink⁺ is done by  ity, Yoong and Go Me. Some people that have contributed to the project are (amongst others): dj bobo1, emeel, skylar, mMega, Benjamim Furtado, Mirl Anandi, Pebblle, Moogy Maserati, Baby Reni, KEY/GEN, Dimbit, TeePee, Nefo, , DJ Serene, interlude, ODP, Caro etc. We have organized parties in Amsterdam clubs kanaal40, Garage Noord, Radio Radio, s105, combining DJ-sets and live acts and mainly focusing on local talent. Merch items include repurposed vintage T-shirts (sold out) and mugs (special collab mug @ ether x Seedlink⁺!). We run a monthly radio show at Amsterdam-based station Echobox, where we invite people around us to do DJ-sets or perform live music. We focus on the locality of the Echobox studio; it is a nice opportunity for us to get together physically and share music. Two members of the collective temporarily moved to Japan in September; skylar is staying in Tsukuba (Ibaraki) and Yoong is based in Kyoto.  


2019年にスタートしたオランダのアムステルダムが拠点のレーベル/コレクティブ。リリースする音楽は一つのジャンルに絞ることなく、マスロックっぽいもの、ハイパーポップに寄ったトラック、落ち着いたアンビエントなど。制作・プロデュースは主にityYoongGo Meが手がける。コントリビューターたちへのシャウトアウト:dj bobo1, emeel, skylar, mMega, Benjamim Furtado, Mirl Anandi, Pebblle, Moogy Maserati, Baby Reni, KEY/GEN, Dimbit, TeePee, Nefo, , DJ Serene, interlude, ODP, Caro などなど。アムステルダムのローカルタレントを中心に、ライブアクトやDJセットを交え、今までイベントオーガナイズした場所: kanaal40, Garage Noord, Radio Radio, s105。マーチには再利用したビンテージTシャツ(完売)、マグカップ(今回はether x Seedlink⁺のスペシャルコラボバージョンを販売)がある。アムステルダムのラジオステーション Echoboxでは月一で周りの友達を呼んでDJセットやライブを披露してもらい、場所性を大事にして、フィジカルに集まって音楽をシェアできるスペースにしている。メンバーの二人は九月からしばらく日本に滞在することに(!)skylarは筑波に、Yoongは京都。




– How would you describe Seedlink⁺ as a label/group of people?


– レーベル/人の集まりとしてのSeedlink⁺をどう表現する?


I think we never really intended to start a record label; we were just a group of friends that connected through being interested in similar things, and we created Seedlink⁺ as a way of bringing together what everyone was working on. After the pandemic we also started doing more events and through working with and meeting more people, we realized we wanted to emphasize the collective nature of the project more – rather than a soundcloud page that reflects our nerdy music tastes and only resonates with people who share these references, we want to open it up a bit more.  




– Where is Seedlink⁺ based? Would you say being in the location of where you are affects inspiration for releases?


– Seedlink⁺はどこが拠点?居る場所によってリリースにも影響が出てくると思う?


Although some of us have been living in different places, the core of the project is definitely in Amsterdam. Growing up here has definitely shaped our tastes, the music we make and the music that ends up being released through Seedlink⁺. Whereas many music scenes mainly exist online, we had the privilege to see our favorite artists live; many of us met at a SOPHIE concert in 2018. Through attending and organizing events ourselves, we were able to connect to many great people both from the Netherlands as well as abroad; co-hosting a party in Tokyo will hopefully be another opportunity to do so. 楽しみ!




<As a label>


– How do you run a label? 


– レーベルってどうやって運営するの?


Honestly we don’t really know what we’re doing, it’s crazy how we’ve managed to do 21 releases so far. Every year we try to structure our release schedule a bit more but it never really works; when the music is ready we often just end up releasing it immediately. Oh well.




– Could you highlight some of your recent releases?


– 最近リリースした作品をいくつか紹介してほしい。



This mix is the fourth in a series that we’re doing where we make a mixtape consisting of all original, unreleased or unfinished tracks by ourselves and people affiliated with Seedlink⁺. The structure is often loosely narrative and it’s where we can use all of the silly sound effects that we have on our hard drives.





emeel is a long-time friend and we really love the emotive qualities of his VGM-inspired tracks. Word on the street is that he’s going full pop for his next release so stay tuned for that. 





Even though Benjamim is Amsterdam-based, we had never met before but he sent us an email with some beautiful music. We went to the studio together and the rest is history. Thanks Benjy!





Better get those snow tire chains ready.




skylar’s first EP was one of the incentives to start Seedlink⁺, as we wanted to give his adventurous pop music a bigger platform. He will be performing live outside of Europe for the first time at our event with ether on the 20th!


skylarの冒険的なポップミュージックを表現したファーストEPにもっと大きなプラットフォームを与えるのは、 Seedlink⁺を始めた理由の一つでもある。20日のetherとのイベントは彼he visualヨーロッパ外での初ライブ!


– I think the visual aspect of Seedlink⁺ also has a definitive influence on what you represent music wise, ( I think I want to say even though each release has a different cover artist but they have a vibe that is recognizable as something unique to Seedlink⁺, want to dig into that in this question) What’s your vision on the visuals? 


– Seedlink⁺のビジュアル的な側面は音楽とは切り離せないものだと思うけど(リリースごとにビジュアル・アーティストは違うのにSeedlink⁺にしか見出せないユニークさがあると思う)ビジュアルについてはどういう見方をしてる?


I think we started out with a stricter aesthetic in mind but we kind of shifted away from that now. We leave the artists that release music with us free to visually do what they want, but because most of the people that released with us are from or have become part of our extended friend group I guess we share some similar inspirations. We also are into graphic design ourselves and the things we like obviously shine through in the promotional material we make, but for the releases it is most important that the artists we work with are happy with how their work is represented.




– Exciting upcoming project?


– リリース予定で楽しみな作品はある?


There’s always some music brewing but as said before we’re not working with tight schedules so we don’t know when it’s ready. We’re also working on some projects together with our favorite fashion designer Baby Reni but many of these ideas haven’t yet made it out of the group chat. Big things coming? Big things coming.


いつも新しい音楽は企んでるけど、スケジュールを細かく決めてやってるわけじゃないからまだはっきりとは言えないかも。でも、一番好きなファッション・デザイナーBaby Reniとのプロジェクトは進んでるし、まだまだいろんなアイデアがグループチャットに溜まってる。色々来るからお楽しみに。





– How have you experienced Japan so far?


– 日本に住んでみてどう?


Yoong : I was really happily surprised by the scene here; even though Kyoto is small there’s a very active group of people doing interesting events at spaces like Soto, West Harlem and Metro. By going to these places, I felt like I was able to meet everyone doing interesting music within the first two weeks of being here. More so than in Amsterdam, maybe I feel like the people that are involved in music here are completely absorbed by it, creating an audience that is open to experimentation and surprises. 


Yoong : すごく良い意味で日本のシーンに驚いた。京都はそんなに大きい場所じゃないけど、外とか、ウェスト・ハーレム、メトロとかで盛んにイベントをやってる人たちがいて。そこでやってるイベントに2週間くらい通ったら、京都で面白い音楽やってる人たちみんなと会えた気がする。だからアムステルダムよりここで音楽やってる人は、完全に音楽に吸収されてそれに夢中になって、見る側ももっと実験的だったりサプライズがあることが受け入れやすくなってるんだと思う。


Skylar : Living in a city outside of Tokyo, I think my experience of the environment is different than if I had lived in a smaller place like Kyoto. Being in Japan has given me a new perspective and tolerance for city scale. 40 minutes cycling used to be far, but now I don’t blink an eye to travel for 2 hours to visit a museum in Roppongi or visit a clothing shop in Koenji. I do relate with your observation of the genuine passion for music and art that people tend to have in Japan; I feel like in Europe a lot of contemporary art and music comes with a veil of irony that protects it from criticism. Here artists and audiences seem to be more honest about what they want to express and consume. 


Skylar : 東京の郊外に住んでみて、京都みたいに規模が小さい街に住むのとは全然違う経験をしてると思う。日本に住んで、都市に対して新しい見方と捉え方を見つけたと思ってる。アムスに住んでた時は40分自転車で走るのは長いと思ってたけど、今は2時間かけて六本木の美術館とか、高円寺の服屋に行くのも躊躇わなくなった。日本の人が音楽とかアートにパッションがあるって言ってたけど、それは共感できる。ヨーロッパでは現代アートとか音楽には皮肉さがまとわりついてて、それが批判から守ってるんじゃないかなと思う。ここだとアーティストとか鑑賞者は表現したり観たいものにもっと正直なんじゃないかな。


Yoong : For sure! Aside from that, I think we’re both just really enjoying the calm lifestyle we can live here. Skylar visited me here in Kyoto last week and it’s been so nice to be able to go hiking, eat amazing food and enjoy sentō. The weather has also been extremely nice; it seems that the weather in Amsterdam has been quite gloomy and depressing lately so it’s nice to be somewhere sunny.


Yoong : 確かに。あと、お互いにここでの平穏な生活がすごく好きだと思う。Skylarが先週京都に遊びにきて、ハイキングしたり、美味しいご飯食べたり、銭湯行ったりしたのが楽しかった。最近天気もめっちゃいいし、アムステルダムだといつもどんよりしてて鬱っぽいから、太陽を浴びれるのはいいね。


– As co-organizer of the event, do you have a picture of what the event is going to be like?


– コラボイベントのオーガナイザーとして、今回のイベントで思い浮かべてることはある?


Yoong : I’m really fond of Japan’s electronic music scene so it’s been a long time dream to be able to organize something here. For me making music and organizing things with Seedlink⁺ is all about meeting people and creating connections, so it’s great to work together with Ether after meeting Yiqing/Loci in Amsterdam a few years ago. I think we put together a really fun line-up for the 20th, I’m really excited!


Yoong : 日本のエレクトロニック音楽のシーンは大好きで、日本でイベントをやることもずっとしたかった。自分的には音楽を作ったり、Seedlink⁺で何かするのは全部人との繋がりを大事にするためだから、数年前にアムステルダムでイーチン(Loci)に出会って、それが今回エーテルとのイベントに繋がったのはとても嬉しい。20日のラインアップはめっちゃいい感じに組めたし、すごく楽しみ!



Seedlink+ x ether

1/20 (SAT) 23:30PM- 

At WWWβ Shibuya 

U23 ¥2,000 / ADV ¥2,300 / DOOR ¥3,000 +1D




skylar [NL] 

Tasho Ishi 





sudden star

Yoong [NL]


Artwork by Seedlink+ & ether



Seedlink+ x ether Collab mugs

¥1500 (At the door)