エーテルの吐息、囁き|Okay Vivianが新曲「Taşın Kanayan Kalbi」のMVを公開




トルコのアンカラを拠点にするシンガーソングライターPervin GüzeldereのプロジェクトOkay Vivianが、新曲「Taşın Kanayan Kalbi」のMVを公開。


エクスペリメンタル・ミニマリストOkay Vivianの優しく包み込まれるような囁きと吐息が脳内にリピートされる。静かな空間に満たされる丁寧な言葉と脆く危ういビートの断片。今作は、ポーランド・ワルシャワの先鋭レーベル〈IA〉から3月8日にリリース予定のニューアルバム『Saye』からの先行シングルとなる。




Okay Vivian – Saye

Label : IA

Release date : 8 March 2021

Cover art by Okay Vivian

Press Photos by Sef Sung



Okay Vivian is the project of Turkish singer/producer Pervin Güzeldere. Shifting through experimental minimalist compositions to catchy pop elements; her music combines ethereal silent spaces with heavy beats, scattered vocals, breaths and whispers. Since 2018 she has released two singles and an EP. Performed in Ankara, İstanbul and Berlin with her live A/V performance ‘Wild-flowers That Cannot Move But Can Bend And Twist’.


“Love songs from a delusional ghost. Tied together like carefully made talismans, now buried somewhere, forgotten.”

Okay Vivian’s first full-length album Saye reveals a sound that has been frozen inside her: The music she heard on the Turkish radio as a child, on car rides, at weddings… And what remains, still echoing in her head, is particularly the heart-wrenching singing and the haunting bendir drums. She lets the ice melt into the current, and flow onto the surface, trying to capture the loneliness and gloom of a suspended memory.


She designed the soundscapes, emotions intertwined with imagined scents, to create a multidimensional space for her music to slowly breathe in. Imagine the smell of a ghost, the smell of hiding, of forgetting with a heavy heart; a silvery glow, moss, a damp, ice cold air, with dirt, crushed herbs, & honey; the smoking scent of snowdrops, barely there, crushed & burnt, dusty, yet still alive. “Saye is a wish, a knot I unwind with every song. Until I am too soft to be broken.”