アジア、女性、クィアの声を集める|Sorrow Clubのオンラインフェスが2日間に渡って開催




韓国・ソウルを拠点に新世代エレクトロニックミュージック・シーンを牽引するミュージシャン/DJのbela、オーガナイザー/DJのyuyungsik、サウンドアーティスト/ノベリストのJiyoung Wiの3人がキュレーションを担当している「Sorrow Club」がオンライン・フェスティバル「Requiem for Self-Isolation」を開催。


「Sorrow Club」は新しい世代のリスニング環境を目指し、世界中のアジア人、女性、クィアのミュージシャンの声を集めていくことが目的である。今回の「Requiem for Self-Isolation」では、2日間のストリーミングを予定している、1日目はソウルを拠点にするアーティストにフォーカスし、ZoomとYouTubeで配信される。2日目は海外のミュージシャンと韓国のビジュアルアーティストにフォーカスし、YouTube LiveとTwitchで同時に配信し、「サウンドステージ」と「ビジュアルステージ」に分かれて展開するとのこと。この新鮮なアイデアをもって新感覚の視聴覚体験をしてみよう。


まずは1日目のソウルの新世代アーティストに注目。Sorrow Clubのメンバーをはじめ、Heejin Jang、ARTEXTE、Leevisa、Kittyが出演。近年韓国ではソウルを中心に、新しい感覚を持って音楽を表現するアーティストが増え続けている。今回のフェスは彼らの感覚に触れることができる良い機会であることは間違いない。1日目のZoomのコードは7月12日午後2時50分にInstagramにて発表される。尚、イベントの収益の一部は、Black Trans Lives Matter運動に寄付されるとのこと。2日目の詳細は後日発表。



1st Event 12th July (Sun), Zoom & YouTube Live, KST 15:00~19:00

International Donations to www.paypal.me/sorrowclub



Heejin Jang






Sorrow Club Seoul (yuyungsik, bela, Jiyoung Wi)


*Time Zones – 24hr

SUN 15:00~19:20 Korea/Japan

SUN 14:00~18:20 China/Singapore

SUN 13:00~17:20 Thailand

SUN 11:30~15:50 India

SUN 10:00~14:20 MSK (Moscow, Russia)

SUN 06:00~10:20 GMT

SUN 03:00~07:20 BRT (Brasilia, Brazil)

SUN 02:00~06:20 Eastern Time US

SAT 23:00~03:20 Pacific Time US

SAT 20:00~00:20 Hawaii US

SUN 16:00~20:20 AEST (Australia East)


Sorrow Club Instagram : instagram.com/sorrowclubseoul



Heejin Jang

Heejin Jang is a multidisciplinary artist based in Seoul. Jang has lived, exhibited, and performed around the globe. In her live sound performance, Heejin presents a set of improvised computer music. She arranges and synthesizes sonic spaces that draw from the everyday and the trivial, re-forming them into phenomenal situations of meditation or digitally induced panic. Distorting ambient, field recordings, and sound samples from the Internet, Jang creates a reverberating force that gets one lost in the echoes of invisible itineraries to the outer world.




ARTEXTE is a collaborative project between sound artist Hyejin Shin and audio/visual artist CLAUDE. Their work is introduced to the audience in multimedia art forms, such as album recording, interactive installation, or audio/visual performance. Active since 2019, ARTEXTE showcased their work for WATMM, WeSA Festival, SCR, and RTA. Interest in various art forms is a drive to their work as promoters and educators in sound and visual art scene of South Korea.




Experimenting different music within the category of Electronic music as a genre. Her work is mainly focused on various soundtrack works for video format and performances as a DJ.




Kitty is a Seoul-based DJ and a little kitten. Kitty plays narrow and superficial collection of music with no specific knowledge in genres.



bela (Sorrow Club)

Musician, DJ. Finds various hidden passages to emotional balance. Gender non-binary and Asian. Name preferred written with no uppercase letters. Pronoun they.



Jiyoung Wi (Sorrow Club)

Novelist, Musician. Writes novels in between non-institution and institution, works on sound in between club and art gallery. Her work focuses on creating and demolishing narratives of soundscape using sampling, field-recording and spoken words. A collaborator for visual art, a DJ who rarely matches the beats. She worked with MMCA, Ilmin Museum of Art and Oil Tank Culture Park. (Photo courtesy of: Ilmin Museum of Art, Photo by Yujin Kim)



yuyungsik (Sorrow Club)

DJ, Founder of Sorrow Club. Has been throwing small DIY parties as an underground music enthusiast. Since February 2019, yuyungsik has been promoting Sorrow Club which focuses on experimental underground music, breaking the conventional form of events in Seoul.